Breath-taking Wedding Rituals Performed in the Jain Community

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The wedding rituals performed in a Jain wedding are unbelievably traditional and colourful. The community loves to follow every ritual religiously, without compromising on the fun element. Enjoying these wedding ceremonies is an absolute must. The pre-wedding as well as post-wedding rituals are very different. Contrary to popular belief, they are quite simple and stunning.

Brides and grooms are found using the best Jain marriage bureau for matrimonial services. After finalizing the mates, significant planning goes into the ceremony. The traditions and rituals are always given a special attention. In this blog, we are going to shed light into some of the traditional wedding rituals followed in the Jain community.


This is typically a small puja, usually performed in the bride’s home. Both the families need to participate in this ritual. The priest declares the date and time that is the astrologically perfect and most auspicious for the wedding.


After the Vinayakyantra puja is performed by the groom, the priest reads a letter that states the wedding details at the house of the groom. This particular ritual is called the lagnapatrikavachan.

Sagai Ceremony

In this specific ceremony, the male members of the bride’s family pay a visit to the groom’s house. The bride’s brother has to apply a tikka on the groom’s forehead. He also has to offer several gifts like money, dry-fruits, sweets, jewellery, and clothes to the groom and other family members.

Baraat and Aarti

Once the MadaMandap puja is concluded at both the partner’s houses, the baraat leaves for the wedding venue. An aartithaali is used by the bride’s family to welcome the groom and his family. Tikkas are applied by the groom and the bride’s brother on each-other’s forehead. Bride’s family presents several gifts to the groom and his family. All the married women in the bride’s family needto recite several traditional folk songs in order to celebrate this auspicious occasion.


The mangalpheras are extremely important in a traditional Jain wedding. The couple needs to circle around the holy fire. The Kanyadan ritual needs to be performed by the bride’s father by giving away his daughter’s hand along with some money. Themahaveerashtakstrots are continuously recited during the pheras. It is also accompanied by traditional mangalgeet sung by the ladies.


This ritual requires a married lady to tie up the groom’s shawl and bride’s saree into a knot. After the seven sacred pheras are complete, the bride is considered to be the better half, or Vamangi, of the husband. They are then supposed to exchange flower garlands.


After the bride and groom are done with the wedding ceremonies, they arrive at the groom’s house. The newly wedded couple is given a warm welcome by the family members of the groom.

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