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About Us:

Mr. Manoj Kumar Garg and Mr. Shree Garg are born and brought up in Naya Bazar Delhi. They are popular men in their society for promoting an ideal Marriage Bureau. They are holding a good reputation in communities, especially in the Baniya Community. It is rated as one of the top marriage bureaus in Delhi – NCR.

Why We Are The Top marriage bureau in Delhi?

Arranged marriages have been around in Delhi/NCR/Out of Delhi as long as (Since 1995) probably the institution of marriage itself. With the passage of time, we have used various methods such as marriage bureaus, print advertisements, community forums and even progressive technologies like Internet to perform this task of “arranging" a marriage.

Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the world. It is a spiritual bond between two souls that are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. GMB is one of the best matrimonial agency in Delhi. Aggarwal, Jindal, Bansal, Kansal, Mittal, Goel, Singhal Gupta, Jain, Marwari, Khandelwal, Maheshwari, and Other Baniya Community Members are our clients.

There are so many reasons for selecting us. Take your time and think about us. Contact us for more details and information.

One Time Registration
Till materialization

This marriage bureau provides you a lifetime membership which gives you ample time to take your crucial

Relationship Manager
For Each Member

Our members are catered with customized matrimonial services which includes operations and relationship managers

Association with
ELITE Families

Our members belong to distinguished segment of society which gives you the advantage to associate with elite branded families.

Involvement of

The rich experience of Global Alliance Marriage Counsellors available at all Branches of the Company is utilized to handle responses.

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