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Terms And Conditions Of Disclaimer:-

1. We are providing this web site to enable boys and girls of marriage age to find an eligible match by getting
introduced to each other through our co-operation.

2. The Age of the Boys must be a minimum of 21 years and above. And the age of Girls must be of a minimum of 18
years and above to enroll themselves on our website.

3. It will be Free of cost to register yourself with us to upload your resume but to avail other’s profiles
from us one must go through by paying settled Consultancy  Membership

4. Individuals are solely responsible for providing their information seen on this website.

5. Every individual registering on our site must provide true information and not hide any facts.

6. Individuals are recommended to use the information from this web site for their personal use and not use the
information in any unauthorized other commercial purpose.

7. Individuals using this website are requested to remember their login user-id which will be an email id
provided by them also remember their password and maintain the secrecy of their

8. Individuals are requested Not to disclose their password to anyone, be it any staff from our own organization.

9. Individuals are recommended Not to disclose any Important, Personal and Secret information about themselves
without contacting us personally on our mobile nos. {+91 9811387438 and +91

10. Individuals are requested to share or reply to information only to our registered email ids.

11. We are not responsible for any damage caused in case member information is leaked out to other sources.

12. Our organization will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by sudden disruption or
discontinuation of the website online.

13. Once an individual is registered with our organisation and has started to avail our profiles the same will be
restricted to interact with us only for further interaction with a selected profile and are highly recommended not to deal directly in even in case of
their personal acquaintance with an availed profile is latterly discovered.

14. Please Note: Any financial dealings like our final consultancy fees or any other applicable charges liable by a member for our organization must be personally cleared and paid in time as settled in the first meeting before the marriage date or on ROKA.

15. Paid consultancy fees or any other amount prior settled is Non-Refundable / Adjustable.

16. This is to notify that all the proposals recommended by us have full details. Everyone is requested to find out the entire details of the boy/girl through their personal sources before taking the matter ahead. The company shall not be responsible for any misinterpretation details as the same has been provided by the parents of the boy/girl.

17. We are liable only to introduce one to each other and fix meetings.

18. We are not responsible / liable for any conduct, behavior, character, inquiry, one’s worth, financial dealing, assets, income, any verification ,medical
fitness / instability, content, information etc. or any attachment given by the individual regarding the bio-data / snap.


19.Our organization does not carry out any investigation and background checks on individual profiles. We leave this responsibility to matrimonial prospects and / or their family members or friends to carry out their independent checks and investigation before concluding a matrimonial decision.


20. The company reserves the right to add /delete /alter /modify /cancel any ancillary/ complimentary services or its parts as and when it deems fit.


21.The company reverse the right to cancel the registration of any individual if their candidature is sought unfit for the interests of the company and its prospects/ clients/ other applicants. Moreover, the company is under no obligation to find any definite or indefinite number of matches for an individual candidate if there aren’t any matching the criteria. Finding a match entirely depends upon the viability of your profile and preferences.


22.By using or website, services or if we get individual profile by any sources it means you agree to our all terms and conditions.


23. Any legal action or procedures will be conducted only under the Delhi Jurisdiction. The provisions of the Arbitration Act will be applicable.



24. We didn’t match any horoscope.  For this, the client is solely responsible.


25. We didn’t keep any other information about individuals except the bio-data.

26. We are not responsible for any dispute or legal activities before or after marriage.

27. We are not responsible for any use of this service prohibited by law.

28. Please do not register in case the clauses are not agreeable.

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